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PAEONIA Small Vinyl Bucket

PAEONIA Small Vinyl Bucket


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These plastic baskets are embellished with sequins to add vibrancy to the bag. The bag comes with a detachable zippered pouch inside to protect your valuables and a keyring. This basket is a bit small for the beach but ideal as a cool casual tote for a summer luncheon, or even the rainy season!

Bright, breezy and fun.  Our Paeonia is more than just a plastic bag !

Meas: H: 29cm/11.41". W: 38cm/14.96"B: 12.5 x 20cm/4.92 x 8.07". HL: 44cm/17.32". Pouch: 14 x 22cm/5.51 x 8.66" 

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