Ipa-Nima makes embellished handbags and wallets, with many steps genuinely completed by hand. Its workers have been trained to make handbags by French technicians in artisan style workshops. Accordingly, we can only make products in limited numbers. All our materials are sourced from specialist suppliers and we have been doing this for over 20 years. Our customers already have the famous designer brands and a collection from the fast moving high street brands, but they are looking for something in between: well made, not mass produced and original. If this is you, we have products for you. Our bags are generally fun and colorful so they go well with classic clothing and enable you to brighten up a conservative outfit or go over the top with colour. You need to have a strong sense of your own style to carry an Ipa-Nima bag. Ipa-Nima's designs are distinctive and original and its products are both affordable (but not necessarily cheap) and offer value that cannot be found in many other brands.