About Us

In 1997 Christina Yu, a former Hong Kong litigator, created Ipa-Nima, a new fashion accessories label drawn from her search for elegant fusion of unique materials, vivid colour schemes and inventive ideas. With a focus on handbags and wallets and design-first philosophy, Ipa-Nima translates fashion trends into edgy accessories steeped in soul. 

Ipa-Nima is known for its unique creations featuring striking colour schemes and ingenious embellishment meticulously crafted in an artisanal manner. Exuberant collections as inspired by imaginative themes, ranging from a Moroccan sunset to the sensual cyber adventures of Barbarella and beyond.

Ipa-Nima appeals to an eclectic mix of international women who share a passion for unique expressions of their style, bound by their love for beauty, originality and sophistication. Always eye-catching and trendy, Ipa-Nima accessories are yet intangibly timeless and sophisticated, and unmistakable where ever they are found.