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OWL: Applique Tote Bag

OWL: Applique Tote Bag


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We are well known for our hand embellishment and design done by hand, including the more difficult handiwork on leather and all our techniques are on show here. These bags can only be made in limited numbers and are made in our high end atelier workshop. These bags are more works of art and clearly statement pieces.

The leather is soft.

Not only do these bags look unusual, they  are functional as well.

If you have enough courage to be unique, you need to buy this bag.

H: 32cm / 12.6”

W: 35cm / 13.8”

B: 35x12.3cm / 13.8x4.8”

HL: 59cm / 23.2”

HD: 23.5cm / 9.3”

Detachable: 115cm / 45.3”

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