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FLORA: Multi Pockets Tote

FLORA: Multi Pockets Tote


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Spring is here.

This has been our best ever selling shape: why? Because super practical and ideal for young mothers or anyone who likes to carry  a fair amount of stuff around on the weekend.Ideal for a beach outing, BBQ, shopping or other weekend event.

All the trimmings are made in real leather so these bags will last a long time.

The colours are great for spring and the bag will mix and match with a wide array of your wardrobe.

If you are looking for an practical  but fun weekend bag, you should buy this bag.

It is a good price too.

H: 32cm / 9.5”

W: 43cm / 10.5”

B: 31.5x19.3cm / 9.1x5.7”

HL: 47cm / 12.5”

HD: 21cm / 4.6

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