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CASSEY Patchwork Bucket

CASSEY Patchwork Bucket


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Our Cassey Patchwork Bucket is one of IPA-NIMA's signature items. Beautifully crafted with a patchwork of jacquard and canvas and embellished with buttons and handmade details, it is unique, functional and eye-catching. The improved feature of the zippered top ensure that your belongings are secure and the back zippered pocket makes it easy for you to access phones and keys. One of the best selling shapes from our range and some of our clients have different versions of it- you should definitely have one too!

Meas.: H: 27cm / 10.6” W: 44cm / 17.3” B: 24x14cm / 9.4x5.5” HL: 54cm / 21.3” HD: 28.5cm / 11.2”


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