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PAISLEY Bucket Bag

PAISLEY Bucket Bag


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The Paisley bucket bag is a colourful closet-must- have! The bright summer tones of orange, red, pink and blue are super tropical and fun, and the handsewn buttons and beads give it just enough bling to make it glisten under the sun. Handles and trims are made with genuine leather so they won't melt in the heat ( no sticky hands)!

A complimentary piece to take with you to the pool side or add a pop of colour to your beach day, or... any other day really!

Meas. : H: 27cm / 10.6”. W: 39cm / 15.4”. B: 20x13.5cm / 7.9x5.3”. HL: 52cm / 20.5”. HD: 25cm / 9.8”

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