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MAE Hand-braided Suede Bucket

MAE Hand-braided Suede Bucket


Giá thông thường $95.00 USD
Giá thông thường $195.00 USD Giá bán $95.00 USD
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Introducing our Mae hand-braided Bucket! This striking suede bucket bag boasts vibrant colors and a bohemian vibe, complete with trendy fringes. Its smart casual look and roomy interior make it perfect for any occasion. With its timeless trending shape and ability to complement any outfit, this handbag is a must-have accessory. Get Ready to turn heads and let its unique design add flair to your ensemble.

Meas. (cm) : 27H x 32 W. Base: 8.4 x 25. HL: 59. HD: 21

Meas. (in) : 10.6"H x 12.6"W. Base : 3.3 x 9.8".HL: 23.2". HD: 8.3"

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