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GERANIUM: Leather Embroidered Wallet

GERANIUM: Leather Embroidered Wallet


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This beautiful wallet is embellished in Ipa-Nima style. The flowers are made with leather string and an accent is highlighted with crumpled sequins. And then the edges are finished in saddle stitch, all done by hand. The color codes relate to the two same color leather flowers in either side of the middle of the wallet. Of course, the pastel colors and the delicate handiwork, means this is not likely to be ideal for everyday use. However, if you are the sort of person who goes to the effort of accesorizing your wallet for special occasions, you should buy this wallet. These are definitely not going to be repeated so this is your only chance to buy these.

H: 11cm/4.3"

W: 18.5cm/7.3"

D: 2cm/0.8"

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