Ho Chi Minh City is coming of age. There is more to an Italian restaurant than a wood fired pizza oven and, to be fair, the bread at Le BuonVino was not very good. But everything else was excellent.   

First, decent wine by the glass. Ok, we went for the most expensive (200,000VND a glass) but it was a fine Chianti and the glass was a decent size. Cheaper options (100,000 to 120,000 VND) are available and the wine list has a good range of prices.

The owners have revamped La Breceria: new décor, new manager, and new chef. The menu was great: small but varied - serving some of the best Tuscan (North Italian) specialties - Updated regularly depending on what is freshly available in the market.

Two starters to share: roast pork belly and baby octopus hit the spot.

The last time we ordered lasagna in a supposedly well reputed Italian restaurant in Nguyen Hue Blvd, the dish was defrosted, heated in a microwave and tasted of cheese. At IL Buon Vino, we got fresh lasagna which tasted as though some Italian mother had just taken the dish out of the oven and with lashings of fresh parmesan cheese, was absolutely yummy. Likewise, the tagliatelle Bolognese was cooked to perfection as it should be as a classic dish.  Both courses were so good that we even headed for desserts!!

Every major city should have a range of good Italian eateries and IL Buon Vino qualifies. If you object to paying 200,000 to 300,000VND  for a bowl of pasta on the basis that you can get a bigger serving down the road, then this place is not for you. However, if you like your Italian food and you are not on a budget, this place can be YOUR place.

They also have a revamped  wine bar on the third floor which the manager, Riccardo, plans to have live percussion music and a DJ there very Friday – certainly a new place for good wine, the art of food and a cool sound.



No 11 Le Thanh Ton Street, D1 , HCMC

Tel no 0163 4991 625